RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator for Android is made by Quartic Software.  This is a great standard scientific calculator which only shows one entry at a time.  There is also a setting for RPN functionality.  This is a great substitute if you want to leave your scientific calculator behind and need to do some light calculations using your Android phone.  This app is not very processor intensive.  Two screenshots from the developer’s website are below:

For more details visit their web link:

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  1. jesse saldana says:

    Has anyone developed por can develop the extensión application that we surveyors used this calculator for? It is called tds48. the program is written on the extensión memory card. If an app could be written to combine with droid48,: a person could connect his surveying total station to his phone and use it as his data colector. Tds48 was created by trípod data systems

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