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Here’s a great TI emulator for your Android device.  You will have to download your own ROM, but it works great.

Andie GraphGet a TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, AND TI-86 emulator for your phone!ROM NOT INCLUDED. Due to a request from TI, this app will NOT WORK until you EXTRACT YOUR OWN ROM. See for details. This is similar to other emulators on the market: GameBoid, SNESoid, GBAEmulator, NESoid, psx4droid, etc The TI-8X series of calculators work great as standalone calculators, showing 8 lines of history, using standard mathematical notation.

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  1. It’s a pity this doesn’t work for Android 2.1. Are there any other good TI emulators which work on 2.1 ? Is there a chance a new version of this emulator will run on 2.1, i’m willing to pay.

  2. Is there a way to install apps and other programs into the TI-83+ emulator?
    like virtual link cable connection or by editting the RAM file or something?

  3. In my opinion, I cannot use this software. After reading the Texas Insturments site I do not see any way they will approve of the use of a copy of the ROM image from my TI-86 anywhere but within my calculator. That makes copying the ROM difficult, and software from the site shows the difficultly is more than simply talk. I tried for parts of some days to get the ROM image using software from Randy Gluvna ( and it did not work, and it did not look as if it would when I examined the source code.

    I saw an update today on my Samsung Charge Smartphone, I was surprised. I have never seen it work and yet it was rated at 4 1/2 stars. It looks like a picture of a TI calculator screen to me, and that is all it is on my phone.

    1. It works great on my Droid X, but you do need the ROM image from your calculator. If there is no ROM image, all you would see is the interface (picture of a calculator).

  4. @ sortjai im also curious about this. So far the best I could come up with is to find the source code and manually program it yourself. This works for simple formula programs but is way to tedious for most things bigger than that.

    @todd why don’t you just download the rom? No one will know the difference unless its a dif firmware and either way iv never heard of anyone actually getting in trouble for this; even ppl who don’t own the original hardware. If you download a confirmed-working rom it should work, cuz im assuming the rom you extracted yourself is probably corrupt; hence the error in booting (blank screen)

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