Refining Area Load Distribution in RISA-3D

Risa 3D Area Load (Credit:Risa)

Risa 3D Area Load (Credit: Risa Technologies)

Risa News gives tips for refining Area Load Distribution in RISA-3D.  The Area Load is very convenient for applying loads to multiple members at one time.

After solving a model with Member Area Loads, RISA-3D will automatically create Transient Basic Load Cases that allow the user to verify load distribution.

For information on how to view this distribution, please see Using Transient Loads to Verify Applied Area Loads in RISA-3D.

If this load attribution is not what you’d expect, you can adjust the Area Lo

ad Mesh entry, which controls the fineness of this distribution.

This feature is located on the Solution tab of Global Parameters:

If you have a model with closely spaced members, you can lower this value to achieve a finer area load mesh and therefore a more accurate load distribution.

via Refining Area Load Distribution in RISA-3D « RISA News.

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