LEAP Bridge Enterprise Release V12.01.00

LEAP Bridge Enterprise V12.01.00 is now available.  In addition to bug fixes, and code updates, some of the enhancements include the following:

LEAP Bridge v12.01.00.57


  • Introduced a new analysis option “Integral Abutment Bridge” in the Project tab. This option allows users to analyze and design integral abutment

LEAP CONSPAN v12. 01.00.57


  • CONSPAN has been updated to comply with the AASHTO LRFD 6th edition. Primary changes are minimum reinforcement requirement changes and Mcr calculations.

LEAP CONBOX v12. 01.00.57


  •  CONBOX now offers three types of temperature loading, including uniform temperature, linear gradient and multi-linear gradient temperature. Multi-linear temperature loading complies with AASHTO, CHBDC, and IRC codes.

LEAP RC-PIER v12. 01.00.57


  • For integral abutment bridges RC-PIER performs a 3D frame analysis. In the 3D analysis each abutment and pier is part of the full bridge model and is subjected to the loads generated through RC-PIER. Model tab displays both the 3D model and the specific abutment or pier 2D frame with the node and member numbers referenced in the analysis reports.

Geometry Module: GEOMATH v12. 01.00.57


  • Update for wall pier and pile bent.

To see the full list (there are a LOT more new features than the ones listed here), visit the Leap Product Update Page.

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