HP Prime Graphing Calculator

The HP Prime graphing calculator by HP is a modern fast calculator sporting a back-lit touch screen and rechargeable battery.

You can try out the functionality with the free or premium app for Android. Free version found here.

For iPhone users the pro version or lite version can be found here.

The HP.org site has an emulator (technically a simulator) for download for Windows desktops. If you need a windows store copy you can try the copy here.

Other graphing calculators still slug along at slow speeds for plotting. The HP prime on the other hand plots with lightning speed.

If you want to buy on one Amazon you can go to my affiliate link. This is my go to calculator for desktop, smartphone, AND physical calculator. The buttons are nice and clicky. I bought mine several years ago to replace a TI-85 that died after 20 years.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made from the affiliate link. Recommendation is my own opinion.

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