Why is Plate Meshing Important?

RISA News has published an article on why plate meshing is important.  Basic understanding proper plate meshing is required to get reliable results on or Finite Element Mesh.  Without proper meshing of plates, inaccurate results are sure to follow.  Their example shows how too coarse of a mesh can result in stresses that are only half the magnitude of the actual solution.

As a rule of thumb, if the results change by less than 10% when doubling your mesh you can probably stop submeshing at that point.

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How to Append or Merge Multiple Models Together in RISA-3D

RISA News has posted a how-to on appending and merging multiple models into a single model file.

RISA-3D allows you to append, or merge, multiple models into a single model file. This may be helpful if you model single floors in separate files and want to stack them together.

Before appending the files together you must be sure that each file has the same Units and Global Axesdefined. Once this has been verified, open a model and go to File > Append. Then choose the model you wish to add to the currently open model.

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New Release LEAP Bridge V11.00.00

Leap Bridge has released V11.00.00.  For list of enhancements and additions visit their product update page

LEAP Bridge V8i Enterprise is a consolidation of all configurations of LEAP Bridge (i.e. LB Suite, LB Precast and LB Cast-in-Place). This single executable integrates CONSPAN, RC-PIER, CONBOX and GEOMATH. LEAP Bridge V8i Enterprise also consolidates all country codes (currently USA, Canada and India) into one application and installer.


How to Root Droid 2, 3, X, X2, Pro, D2 Global with One Click

Rooting your phone is really useful if you want a backup solution, CPU over/underclocker, control of your file system, and other things.  This was the easiest root method that I did on my Droid X without losing data (from droid-life.com).  I have an updated zip file for those of you who need a pause between reboots due to clockwork recovery mod booting by default.

Actually, this method should root just about any Motorola phone running Gingerbread.  …

Thanks to Framework43 and psouza4 for putting this together.  It couldn’t be any simpler than this method right here.

Download:  MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip


1.  Make sure you have Motorola drivers installed – [Download Drivers]
2.  Download the MotorolaOneClickRoot.zip file from above and unzip it to your Windows PC.
3.  On your phone go into  Settings>Applications>Development and check the box for USB Debugging.
4.  Plug phone into your computer and select “Charge Only” mode.
5.  Navigate to MotorolaOneClickRoot folder and run MotorolaOneClickRoot.exe.
6.  Follow the instructions in the command window.
7.  Your phone will complete 3 steps, rebooting along the way.  When it finishes, you will be rooted.

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14th Edition Steel Construction Manual Companion Materials Available as Free Downloads

AISC Steel Construction Manual 14th Edition Check out the free downloads from AISC:

(Chicago, IL) – More than 150 detailed design examples, updated dimensions and properties of structural sections, and other useful resources that complement the 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual, are now at your fingertips. Design Examples V14.0 and Shapes Database V14.0, as well as Reference Lists contained in the latest edition of the Manual, are available for free downloading on AISC’s website at www.aisc.org/manual14. The 14th Edition Manual was released this past summer and is available in hardcover or as a digital download at www.aisc.org/manuals.

To access these new online resources, visit www.aisc.org/manual14.

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Blender 3D 2.60a Release

Blender 3D 2.60a was released on Oct 24, 2011.  The 2.60a release is a bugfix release for 2.60 shown in the changelog.  The changelog/release notes for 2.60 show all of the great new features that were added.

Features of 2.60 release:

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.60. This is the beginning of the Blender 2.6x series, targeted at including all work that happened in branches or patches past years.

Most notable in this release is 3D audio, UI translation, improved weight painting and a lot of animation system updates. Check the list [] for highlights and the full changelog.

Keep up the great work guys!  Looking forward to 2.61 near Dec 2011 which will include the Cycles render engine.  The Cycles render engine is merged in the trunk so any recent trunk build will include this.  It will be the greatest thing to happen to the render engine in a long time.  Get a fresh copy at graphical.org if you want to test Cycles out.

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New Features in RISASection 2.0

From RISA:

RISA Technologies has recently released RISASection 2.0. This new version of the program contains the following new features to enhance your modeling ability:
DXF Import
You now can import a 2D shape into RISASection, via DXF file. For a detailed look at this feature, please see Importing DXF Files into RISASection.

Other Features include
Shape Type Assignment
New Parallel Align Tool
Additional Torsional Properties for Hot Rolled Shapes
New Merge/Explode Function

for more info see Risa News

2010 AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings Available as a Free Download

2010 AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings Available as a Free DownloadSeptember 12, 2011 from American Institute of Steel ConstructionChicago, IL – The 2010 AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings ANSI/AISC 341-10 is now available for free downloading on AISC’s web site at www.aisc.org/2010SP. This new specification supersedes the 2005 AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings and all previous versions of this specification. The new specification has been approved by the AISC Committee on Specifications and is ANSI-accredited.

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