Comprehensive Bridge Design Manual (from PCI)

This two-volume, comprehensive design manual includes both preliminary and final design information for standard girders and most precast and precast, prestressed concrete products and systems used for transportation structures. It contains background, strategies for economy, fabrication techniques, evaluation of loads, load tables, design theory and numerous complete design examples. It is designed to explain and amplify the application of both the AASHTO Standard and LRFD Bridge Design Specifications.

View in PDF format on PCI’s website.


Useful software for structural engineering.
Washington State DOT free software.
WDOT has a great collection of useful structural software for bridge engineering (including PGSuper) available at their website.


Visit for “…the right place for all things PGSuper, including on-line training, tips and tricks, and more….”  This is one of the best prestressed concrete bridge tools around. 

Florida State DOT free software
FDOT Structures department offers several structural programs and Mathcad sheets for download.



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  1. So I did my thesis partly on the Biaxial Column Program which is linked above at the FDOT link. For those using the program and you would like to learn how it works see below.

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