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New Release LEAP Bridge v10.00.01

Bentley has issued a new version of their Leap Bridge suite (v10.00.01).  This major version includes numerous added features, enhancements, and bug fixes.  For a full extensive list head on over to their product update blog. New Release LEAP Bridge … Continue reading

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How to Apply Notional Loads in RISA-3D

RISA News has published an article about automating the application of notional loads to a RISA-3D model: In RISA-3D you can automatically apply notional loads to your structure to comply with your steel code (such as AISC 360). Notional loads … Continue reading

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Wolfram|Alpha – Plotting Functions and Graphs in Wolfram|Alpha

The Wolfram|Alpha blog has published some information on plotting functions with Wolfram|Alpha.  The plots come out quite nice whether 2D, 3D, or contour, and you don’t need to install any software to do some quick plots. Plotting Functions and Graphs in … Continue reading

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Ultrasharp 3-D Maps – Technology Review

An Interesting new technology for 3d maps.  You can check out a nice example on Ovi Maps 3D website. “Unlike Google or Bing, all of our maps are 360° explorable,” says Smith, “and everything, every building, every tree, every landmark, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Mathematics 4.0

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 is a free mathematics program from Microsoft (if you couldn’t already tell that from the name) for Windows.  It is definitely a better upgrade to the standard windows calculator, and keeps a notebook of calculations/graphs.  It is more geared … Continue reading

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HP-48 Emulator for Android

For those of you who just loved your RPN HP48 graphing calculator and have an android phone, this app is for you.  Just looking at the screen brings back memories.  The developers have faithfully recreated the original calculator’s look and feel.  If … Continue reading

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RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator for Android is made by Quartic Software.  This is a great standard scientific calculator which only shows one entry at a time.  There is also a setting for RPN functionality.  This is a great substitute if you want to leave … Continue reading

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GraphCalc The Ultimate Windows 2D/3D Graphing Calculator Software

This week, The Engineering Zone will feature calculator applications. One of my Favorite PC calculators is GraphCalc (also available for Linux).  It is fast, easy, and you can use your number pad for input.  Even though it was last updated … Continue reading

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Wolfram|Alpha – Intro

Wolfram|Alpha is becoming a more valuable tool for engineers practically every day.  If you haven’t used it before, you should definitely check it out.  Their goals are summarized on their info page: Goals Wolfram|Alpha’s long-term goal is to make all systematic knowledge … Continue reading

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Custom Graph Paper

Most of us professionals have pre-printed graph paper with the company logo and other things.  Students usually have to buy their graph paper in bulk from their bookstore, Amazon.com, or somewhere else (probably online).  When I was in school, we … Continue reading

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