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Excel Tip: Convert Number to Text

Here are four basic ways to convert a number in a cell to text. Method (1) Format Cells 1) Right click cell(s) of interest and click on “Format Cells…” 2) Under the Number tab Choose Text as your Category Method (2) Text function … Continue reading

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Analyzing Urban Traffic Statistics with Wolfram|Alpha

Traffic statistics is yet another topic that Wolfram|Alpha can analyze.  The Wolfram|Alpha blog gives some examples for the usage. New York City. Los Angeles. Chicago. Each of these cities is renowned for a diverse array of cultural, entertainment, culinary, and … Continue reading

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Wolfram|Alpha – Plotting Functions and Graphs in Wolfram|Alpha

The Wolfram|Alpha blog has published some information on plotting functions with Wolfram|Alpha.  The plots come out quite nice whether 2D, 3D, or contour, and you don’t need to install any software to do some quick plots. Plotting Functions and Graphs in … Continue reading

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Wolfram|Alpha – Intro

Wolfram|Alpha is becoming a more valuable tool for engineers practically every day.  If you haven’t used it before, you should definitely check it out.  Their goals are summarized on their info page: Goals Wolfram|Alpha’s long-term goal is to make all systematic knowledge … Continue reading

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