Custom Graph Paper

Green Engineer's PadMost of us professionals have pre-printed graph paper with the company logo and other things.  Students usually have to buy their graph paper in bulk from their bookstore,, or somewhere else (probably online).  When I was in school, we used a green engineering pad similar to this.

What happens when you’re in the middle of a homework assignment, and you just run out of graph paper only to realize you forgot to go to the bookstore before they closed, and your assignment is due tomorrow?  (If you are running low, you may want to order a pad or two now while you are thinking about it.)  What if you just need a few sheets to get you by, or if you need some grid pattern that you don’t usually use?  One option is to print some yourself.  It is quite easy–you don’t even have to draw it in AutoCAD or make it in Excel!  All you have to do is go to incompetech’s website and print any custom grid pattern, type, and size for free as an instantly downloadable PDF.