New Release LEAP Bridge V11.00.00

Leap Bridge has released V11.00.00.  For list of enhancements and additions visit their product update page

LEAP Bridge V8i Enterprise is a consolidation of all configurations of LEAP Bridge (i.e. LB Suite, LB Precast and LB Cast-in-Place). This single executable integrates CONSPAN, RC-PIER, CONBOX and GEOMATH. LEAP Bridge V8i Enterprise also consolidates all country codes (currently USA, Canada and India) into one application and installer.


Blender 3D 2.60a Release

Blender 3D 2.60a was released on Oct 24, 2011.  The 2.60a release is a bugfix release for 2.60 shown in the changelog.  The changelog/release notes for 2.60 show all of the great new features that were added.

Features of 2.60 release:

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.60. This is the beginning of the Blender 2.6x series, targeted at including all work that happened in branches or patches past years.

Most notable in this release is 3D audio, UI translation, improved weight painting and a lot of animation system updates. Check the list [] for highlights and the full changelog.

Keep up the great work guys!  Looking forward to 2.61 near Dec 2011 which will include the Cycles render engine.  The Cycles render engine is merged in the trunk so any recent trunk build will include this.  It will be the greatest thing to happen to the render engine in a long time.  Get a fresh copy at if you want to test Cycles out.


New Features in RISASection 2.0

From RISA:

RISA Technologies has recently released RISASection 2.0. This new version of the program contains the following new features to enhance your modeling ability:
DXF Import
You now can import a 2D shape into RISASection, via DXF file. For a detailed look at this feature, please see Importing DXF Files into RISASection.

Other Features include
Shape Type Assignment
New Parallel Align Tool
Additional Torsional Properties for Hot Rolled Shapes
New Merge/Explode Function

for more info see Risa News

LEAP Product Updates v10.00.02

LEAP Bridge v8i (SELECTseries 2) v10.00.02 is a maintenance release and incorporates the following fixes to itself and its component programs:

LEAP Bridge v10.00.02
LEAP CONSPAN v10.00.02
LEAP RC-PIER v10.00.02
LEAP CONBOX v10.00.02
LEAP GEOMATH v10.00.02

Visit here to see the full list of fixes.

RISA – How is the Seismic Weight Calculated for Seismic Load Generation?

RISA News has published an article on seismic weights and load generation for use with RISA Floor and RISA 3D:


In addition to the self weight check box options, you can also add applied loads to the Seismic Mass calculation.  To do this, simply enter in the magnitude of the dynamic load into the Dyn Load column of the appropriate loads spreadsheet (Area LoadLine Load, or Point Load).

via [RISA News]

“Download map area” in Google Maps for Android

map downloadYou can now download a map area in Google Maps to your Android phone.  This is great if you are in an area with spotty or non-existent coverage.

When you’re visiting an unfamiliar location, Google Maps for mobile is great for getting an idea of how close you are to your destination, where streets and landmarks are in relation to each other, or just for getting “un-lost.” But what if you don’t have a data signal, or you’re abroad and don’t have a data plan? We say that if you use Google Maps for mobile, you’ll never need to carry a paper map again. The “Download map area” lab in Google Maps 5.7 for Android is a step in making that statement true even when you’re offline.

Google’s blog also reminds of other lab features–the measure tool and the scale bar.

Official Google Blog: “Download map area” added to Labs in Google Maps for Android.

How Do I Avoid Instability Warnings in a RISA-3D Model?

Have you ever asked, “How Do I Avoid Instability Warnings in a RISA-3D Model?”  If so, then RISA News has answered your question in their article with the same title.

Have you ever received an instability warning when running a three dimensional RISA-3D model? This is because RISA-3D cannot build the stiffness matrix with the configuration you have modeled. In some cases, your model is truly unstable and in others it’s a matter of correctly modeling your structure for a 3D finite element analysis program.

Read their article for tips to avoid instabilities.

via RISA News